Unity Interlaboratory Program

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  • Unity Interlaboratory Program
  • Brand: BIO-RAD
  • Catalog No.: UnityInterlaboratoryProgram

Product Description

The Unity Interlaboratory Program provides reports on the reliability and precision of test systems and helps improve laboratory analytical performance ? over 27,000 peers with data generated from more than 48,000 instruments in over 90 countries

Participation in an interlaboratory program is extremely important for laboratories to help ensure the reliability and precision of test systems. No program in the world is more powerful and effective at providing information and helping to improve laboratory analytical performance than the Unity™ Interlaboratory Program.

Recognize analytical process improvement opportunities

Increase confidence in proficiency survey outcomes

Identify unrecognized trends or shifts that may occur between proficiency surveys

Receive on-demand interlaboratory comparison reports


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