Transfusion Transmissible Infections (TTI's) Testing

Lifeline's range of Blood Bank screening products covers transfusion and diagnostic testing needs-including screening assays for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV, Syphilis and Malaria, Rapid tests, Immunohematology and Other supplemental and confirmatory tests are also available.

Today's Laboratories Face Many Challenges...

Increased workload, volume fluctuations, staffing priorities, safety requirements and efficiency drives are components of today's testing laboratories. The EVOLIS system delivers a new level of immunoassay microplate productivity to meet the challenge.

EVOLIS system microplate automation provides the solution

EVOLIS system is a pipettor, incubator, washer, reader, and data management system for EIA microplate assays

Thanks to the independence between pipetting and microplate movements, up to seven microplates are processed simultaneously without conflict throughput is maximized

EVOLIS system streamlines workflow for low-to-high volumes and optimizes productivity using a scheduler to simplify instrument operation

Advanced Efficiency In Your Laboratory Workflow

10-minute daily start up - then load samples and reagents

On-board capacity up to 198 samples

Batch or multi-panel testing protocols, multiple assays per microplate (up to 12) for optimal flexibility and maximum throughput

Continuous loading of samples, reagents and consumables

Open to program and perform any EIA microplate assay

Advanced User-Friendliness

Intuitive, easy-to-use software

Scheduler with optimize function to maximize throughput

Barcode-identified controls and reagents with lot number and expiry date

No dedicated reagent trough, direct use of kit bottles

Advanced Safety

Positive identification of samples, microplates and reagents

Unique triple technology detection system (air pressure, capacitive, and colorimetric) to monitor sample and reagent pipetting, and detect low volume, air bubbles, foam, or clots

Ability to trace modified results

Instrument locked during process

Comprehensive event log

QC program using Westgard multirules procedure

Optimized and secured Bio-Rad protocols

Advanced Productivity

Software automates each assay step to reduce operator intervention

Minimal hands-on time to add extra samples and reagents

Sample aliquoting in microplate or tube

Bi-directional interface to exchange data with LIMS

Ability to link multiple EVOLIS systems to a single LIMS interface thanks to Timeliner™ software

Reflex testing to confirm initial reactive samples, using programmable algorithms

Remote technical support

Key Features

1Pipette Arm
Performs plate dilutions and distributes primary samples and reagents. Level sensing for primary samples and reagents. Clot and low volume detection using a dual technology (capacitance/air pressure).

2Pre-Dilution/Archiving Station
Space for 288 pre-dilution or archiving samples.

3Pipette Tip Station
Disposable tips eliminate carryover contamination. Tips in 300 ?l or 1,100 ul volumes. Holds 5 racks of 96 tips.

4Sample And Reagent Loading Deck
On-board capacity for 198 primary tubes plus reagents. Each rack holds 20-22 primary samples. Accepts a wide range of primary tube sizes.

5Microplate Pipette Station
Microplate Pipette Station Holds four microplates containing individual or multiple assays per plate

Four individually temperature regulated incubators. Four room temperature incubators

7Wash Buffer Drawer
Capacity for four wash bottles

8Wash Station
8-channel double probe manifold for independent aspiration and dispense cycles.

9Microplate Transport System
Plate carrier moves microplates between workstations as programmed.

Monolisa HBsAg ULTRA Assay
Monolisa HBsAg ULTRA Assay
Catalog: 72346/72348

Monolisa HBsAg ULTRA Assay is a one step sandwich kit for the detection of surface Ag of Hepatitis virus in human serum or plasma by enzyme immunoassay.

Genscreen ULTRA HIV Ag-Ab Assay
Genscreen ULTRA HIV Ag-Ab Assay
Catalog: 72386/72388

Genscreen ULTRA HIV Ag-Ab Assay is a two steps sandwich screening assay for the detection of HIV - 1 p24 antigen and HIV 1 / HIV 2 antibodies in human serum plasma by enzyme immunoassay.

Monolisa HCV Ag-Ab ULTRA V2 Assay
Monolisa HCV Ag-Ab ULTRA V2 Assay
Catalog: 72561/72562

Monolisa HCV Ag-Ab ULTRA V2 Assay is a two steps screening kit for the simultaneous detection of HCV capsid antigen and HCV antibodies in human serum and plasma by enzyme imunnoassay.

The Trep-Sure™ Total Antibody EIA Assay
The Trep-Sure™ Total Antibody EIA Assay
Catalog: TS-96/TS-960

Trep-Sure™ Total Antibody EIA Assay is a qualitative enzyme immunoassay for the detection of Treponema pallidum (syphilis) antibodies in human serum or EDTA and citrated plasma

MicroLISA pan Malaria Ag Assay
MicroLISA pan Malaria Ag Assay
Catalog: AGX6058-96/AGX6058-480

MicroLISA pan Malaria Ag Assay is a qualitative enzyme immunoassay for the detection of all four malaria specific Plasmodium species (P. falciparum, P. vivax, P. ovale and P. malariae).


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