genesig DNA/RNA extraction kit

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  • genesig DNA/RNA extraction kit
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Extracts DNA and RNA with high yields in 30 mins Works with huge range of sample types Safe protocol with no phenolic chemicals No centrifuge required - for use in the lab or in the field

The genesig easy DNA/RNA extraction protocol begins with a simple lysis step where cells and tissue are lysed to release their nucleic acid. Then minute magnetic particles are added to bind to DNA/RNA. When placed on to the genesig magnetic separator the particles are pulled to the side of the tube making it easy to remove the unwanted supernatant with a pipette. Then a series of simple wash steps are performed before the DNA/RNA is washed off the beads back in to solution, ready for analysis by real-time PCR.

Suitable sample types: Veterinary - including whole blood, plasma, and serum; saliva and sputum; faeces and urine; tissues; dry swabs; and bacterial culture broth Food - including meat, fish, milk, and cooked or processed food products Environmental - including plant*, soil, and water *using genesig Easy DNA/RNA Plant Extraction Kit


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