RAPID'Listeria spp. Supplement 1

Product Information

  • RAPID'Listeria spp. Supplement 1
  • Brand:
  • Catalog No.: 3564745

Product Description

Pkg of 10, vials of supplement 1, enough for 10 x 500 ml of medium

Intended Use:

Combine RAPID'Listeria spp. Supplements 1 and 2 with RAPID'Listeria spp. Agar Base to prepare plates for the detection and enumeration of all Listeria spp. in food products and environmental samples. Identification using RAPID'Listeria spp. Medium is based on the chromogenic detection of β-D-glucosidase (β-gal) activity. The medium contains lithium chloride and an antibiotic mixture for selectivity.

Features and Benefits:

Listeria colonies are bluish-green. f no Listeria colonies are observed, it may be concluded that Listeria monocytogenes is absent. Enumerate Listeria 24 hr after enrichment. Results can be confirmed on RAPID'L.mono Medium or Palcam Agar Plates. Use to confirm positive tests such as iQ-Check® Listeria spp. Real-Time PCR Tests.


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