Gel Doc™ XR+ Gel Documentation System

Product Information

  • Gel Doc™ XR+ Gel Documentation System
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  • Catalog No.: 1708195

Product Description

The system supports fluorescence and colorimetric detection methods. The Gel Doc XR+ System consists of a darkroom hood, CCD camera and software-controlled motorized lens, UV and white light illuminators, filter slider with standard filter, and UV-protection shield.

The Gel Doc XR+ System optimizes reproducibility and reliability of experimental data, enabling quantitative comparisons between different experiments.

Images are in focus at all times, regardless of zoom level or sample position

Appropriate flat fielding correction is automatically and consistently applied to image data for every application

Imaging artifacts are automatically corrected

Increase cloning efficiency and protein production by protecting DNA electrophoresis samples from UV exposure using the XcitaBlue™ conversion screen and blue light excitable stains such as GelGreen, SYBR® Safe, and SYBR® Green I

Maintain standard operating procedures or criteria for sample performance as there is no loss in sensitivity compared to UV and ethidium bromide staining


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