ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System

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  • ChemiDoc™ MP Imaging System
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Product Description

The ChemiDoc MP Imaging System is a full-feature instrument for imaging and analyzing gels and western blots. It is designed to address multiplex fluorescent western blotting, chemiluminescence detection, general gel documentation applications, and stain-free technology imaging needs.

All-in-one flexible imaging - get precise, reproducible fluorescence, chemiluminescence, and colorimetric gel and blot detection, analysis and documentation in a single system

Improve your imaging capabilities with the ChemiDoc MP - benefit from the advantages of using a wider range of fluorescent reporters (RGB, far red, and near infrared) including StarBright™ Fluorophores

Multiplex fluorescent western blotting - detect up to three proteins simultaneously and eliminate the need for stripping and reprobing

Ease of use - features include automatic selection of optimal light source by application, auto focus, auto exposure, and preview features ensure optimal images. Learn in minutes with on screen help

Stain-free protein normalization - stain-free imaging permits the normalization of bands to total protein in both in gels and blots; eliminates the need for housekeeping proteins

Sample Trays and Smart Tray Technology™ - three sample trays available to cover diverse imaging applications. Smart Tray Technology automatically recognizes the application-specific trays and adjusts imaging parameters and software options accordingly

Applications and Uses Electrophoresis - protein, including stain-free, and nucleic acid gel imaging and documentation Blotting - identify and quantify proteins, nucleic acids, protein-ligand interactions, etc. with fluorescence, chemiluminescence, or colorimetric detection


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