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The DiaMed Basic Q.C. test contains 2 sets of samples. Each set consists of 8 tubes of 5 mL of a human whole blood suspension (Hct 15% +/-2).

**Sample 1: Group A RhD negative, ccee, K positive, containing anti-B and anti-D (0.05 IU/mL). **Sample 2: Group B RhD positive, CcEe, K negative, containing anti-A and anti-Fya.

To ensure the accuracy and safety of blood group serological results, transfusion guidelines recommend regular checking of test materials, test methods, personnel working procedures and automated equipment and instruments.

The control sample should always have the same characteristics as a patient sample and therefore be treated identically.

Supplied on standing order, every 4 weeks

Set (Id-n°: 45840) containing 2 x 8 x 5 mL tubes of human whole blood suspension for quality control testing (80 tests)


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