NGC Discover™ 10/Discover ™ Pro Chromatography System

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  • NGC Discover™ 10/Discover ™ Pro Chromatography System
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  • Catalog No.: 7880009/7880011

Product Description

Use the NGC™ Discover 10 Pro Chromatography System in labs with higher throughput needs and requiring secure method and process development for scale-up applications during purifications at the mg to g scale. For simultaneously detecting proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and chromogenic molecules with expanded scouting options.

Automated 10 ml/min pumps provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separation of biomolecules

Automated injection of large sample volumes using fixed or dynamic loops

Gradient separations at different pH values and buffer pH monitoring, for rapid method development

Automated buffer and salt gradients with buffer blending during automated inline buffer preparation at flow rates of up to 200 ml/min, for rapid scouting of purification conditions

Simultaneous four-wavelength detection of proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, and chromophores with conductivity measurement and pH detection

Fraction collection in combination with large-volume collection with a 12-port outlet valve

Compatibility with the C-96 Autosampler, available with or without cooling, for accurate and reproducible sample injections

Compatibility with the NGC Fraction Collector and BioFrac™ Fraction Collector for sample collection

Applications: Recombinant protein purification and refolding, Monoclonal antibody purification, Removal of viruses, protein preparations and Analysis of plasma proteins for disease diagnosis


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