NGC Scout™ 10/Scout™ 10 Plus Chromatography System

Product Information

  • NGC Scout™ 10/Scout™ 10 Plus Chromatography System
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  • Catalog No.: 7880005/7880007

Product Description

The NGC™ Scout 10/Scout 10™ Plus Chromatography System is designed for medium throughput labs. It has automated 10 ml/min pumps that provide accurate gradients for high-resolution separations for any application.

The Guided Fluidics selection tool (patent pending) coupled with the Module Discovery system enables a single-click application-based system setup through automated module function recognition

The Tier Rotate™ design allows optimal placement of valves and detectors to minimize the flow path

Compact footprint ? fits in a refrigerator

Point-to-Plumb™ lighting shows the step-by-step LED-guided plumbing of the system

Unique ChromLab software provides powerful system control, automated methods, and analysis options

Applications: Recombinant protein purification and refolding, Monoclonal antibody purification, Removal of viruses, protein preparations and Analysis of plasma proteins for disease diagnosis


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