ID-Diacell ABO (A1,A2,B,O)

Product Information

  • ID-Diacell ABO (A1,A2,B,O)
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  • Catalog No.: 3619

Product Description

All ID-DiaCell ABO test cell reagents are of human origin, in a buffered suspension medium at 0.8% (+/- 0.1%). Isoagglutinins (natural occurring antibodies, anti-A, anti-B, anti-AB) are cold reactive antibodies which react best at 4°C.

However, they are also reactive at room temperature and may react at 37°C.

They involve a mixture of IgM and IgG, with the largest proportion belonging to the IgM class.

Stability: 7 weeks; shipment on standing order every 4 weeks

ABO test cell reagents of human origin in a buffered suspension medium at 0.8%; set of 4 vials A1, A2, B, O (4 x 10 mL), (Id-n°: 45022), (200 Tests)


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