ID-Diacell I-II-III Asia (Mia+)

Product Information

  • ID-Diacell I-II-III Asia (Mia+)
  • Brand:
  • Catalog No.: 3614

Product Description

Three-cell screening for patients

Two RhD positive Cells (CCDee, Cw+, ccDEE) and one cell RhD negative (

Double dose for Fy a, Fy b, Jk a, Jk b, M, S and s

At least one cell positive for K, Le a, Le b, P 1, N and Mi a

Tested by serology for HLA Class I antigens

Set of 3 vials for IAT and NaCl test, R1WR1, R2R2, Mia+

Stability:7 weeks, shipment on standing order every 4 weeks according to availability


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