RAPID'Listeria spp./ RAPID'L. mono Supplement 2,10 vials qsp 500 ml

Product Information

  • RAPID'Listeria spp./ RAPID'L. mono Supplement 2,10 vials qsp 500 ml
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  • Catalog No.: 3564746

Product Description

Pkg of 10, vials of supplement 2, enough for 10 x 500 ml of medium

Intended Use:

Combine RAPID'L.mono Agar Base with RAPID'L.mono Supplement 1 and RAPID'L.mono and RAPID'Listeria spp. Supplement 2 to prepare highly selective plates for the discrimination and enumeration of Listeria monocytogenes and other Listeria spp. in human food products and environmental samples. Differentiation is obtained by the chromogenic detection of PI-PLC (phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C) activity and the ability to ferment xylose. RAPID'L.mono Medium is validated for L. monocytogenes and Listeria spp. detection on the same plate.

Features and Benefits:

L. monocytogenes (PI-PLC+/xylose-) forms blue (pale blue, grey-blue, or dark blue) colonies.

L. ivanovii (PI-PLC+/xylose+) forms blue-green colonies with a yellow halo.

Other Listeria spp. (PI-PLC-/xylose+ or -) form white colonies with or without a yellow halo.

Colonies detected after 24 hr; halos in 24?48 hr Enumerate L. monocytogenes in 24 hr without confirmation.

Confirm positive tests such as iQ-Check® Listeria monocytogenes II Real-Time PCR Tests.


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