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  • RAPID'Listeria?spp.
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  • Catalog No.: 3564744

Product Description

500 g of powder makes 7 liters of medium. Need to add 3564745 & 3564746.

Intended Use:

RAPID'Listeria spp. Medium is an affordable selective chromogenic agar for the detection of Listeria spp. in food and environmental samples.

Features and Benefits:

Fast and cost effective

Only 1 broth and 1 plate are required per sample.

Results after just 24 hr of incubation for all Listeria species after 24 hr enrichment.

High specificity and selectivity

Easy-to-read chromogenic reaction based on the specific b-glucosidase activity of Listeria.

Blue color for all Listeria spp.

Reading and differentiation are easy due to the contrast between blue-green Listeria colonies and the whitish agar.

The selectivity and high nutrient content of the medium prevent growth of interfering flora.


Certified NF VALIDATION according to the ISO 16140 standard.

Validated by AOAC.

Easy Confirmation

Single spot inoculation on RAPID'L.mono agar (+Gram and catalase tests) or on Palcam has been validated for confirmation.


Identification of Listeria spp. using RAPID'Listeria spp. chromogenic medium is based on the detection of β?D?glucosidase activity by a chromogenic substrate. Listeria colonies are blue to bluish-green. The medium is made selective by the combined action of lithium chloride and an antibiotic mixture inhibiting Bacillus and all interfering flora.

Preventing Listeria monocytogenes Contamination. When Listeria gets into food, it often comes from environmental contamination. Finding sources of contamination by Listeria spp. in the processing plant is the first step towards preventing Listeria monocytogenes contamination of food.

A proactive, aggressive environmental monitoring program is needed as a first step in preventing contamination. The RAPID'Listeria spp. method of environmental monitoring can improve the chances of finding where Listeria spp. exist in the environment and reducing the risk of food contamination.


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