D-100 Hemoglobin Testing System

Product Information

  • D-100 Hemoglobin Testing System
  • Brand: BIO-RAD
  • Catalog No.: 2901000

Product Description

The D-100 system is the most advanced solution for A1c analysis. It has a unique HPLC system to measure HbA1c without the interference from common hemoglobin variants. It uses the latest technology to provide fast and reliable automated diabetes monitoring.

It's innovative solution are made for maximizing workflow efficiency in high volume laboratories. With its one-touch operation and buffer changes on-the-fly, it will reduce operator hands-on time.

It has a sample throughput of 80 tests per hour, with results being automatically reviewed and tagged. It's software interface is easy to use and is designed to maintain continuos operation.

The D-100 Hemoglobin Testing System is the future of HbA1c testing.


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