D-10™ Hemoglobin Testing System

Product Information

  • D-10™ Hemoglobin Testing System
  • Brand: BIO-RAD
  • Catalog No.: 2200220

Product Description

This high performance platform sets a new standard for comprehensive hemoglobin testing. Delivers a full picture of diabetes treatment progress in fewer steps with the D-10 system.

The D-10 instrument provides comprehensive, fully automated hemoglobin testing in a compact footprint. Combining diabetes and β-thalassemia testing on a single platform, the system offers simple and efficient operation.

The D-10 is a fully automated system for percent determination of Hemoglobin A1c in human whole blood using ion-exchange high performance liquid chromatography. (HPLC).

The D-10 allows maximum performance in minimum space. It is only a touch screen awaya and can easily be integrated into your current laboratory workflow.

Primary tube sampling - eliminates manual sample preparation

Barcode reader automatically tracks patient samples

Touch screen operation and on-board data storage which eliminates the need for computer

Automatic system start-up and report printing simplify operation.

NSGP certified and traceable to the DCCT reference

Anchored to the IFCC reference method


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