ChemiDoc™ XRS+ System

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  • ChemiDoc™ XRS+ System
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Product Description

The ChemiDoc XRS+ system offers fast and sensitive chemiluminescence detection in addition to gel and blot documentation of fluorescent and colorimetric samples. The system includes a supersensitive 16-bit CCD camera that is supercooled for detection of faint samples. The ChemiDoc XRS+ system can be used for imaging with a wide variety of applications that require high resolution and sensitivity (such as chemiluminescent western blots).

The ChemiDoc XRS+ system eliminates the need to use costly and unreliable X-ray film technologies while providing quantitative and reproducable data in seconds. The system features a signal accumulation mode (SAM), which guides a user through determining optimum exposure time and capturing a desired image of a chemiluminescent sample.

Gel and blot imaging and analysis are quick and accurate

Automated, hands-off routines; no training is required

Save and recall all the steps in the workflow for repeatable and reproducible results

Images are in focus at all times, regardless of zoom level or sample position

Appropriate flat fielding correction is automatically and consistently applied to image data for every application

Imaging artifacts are automatically corrected

Obtain publication-quality results quickly


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