GS-900™ Calibrated Densitometer

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  • GS-900™ Calibrated Densitometer
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  • Catalog No.: 1707991/1707991W

Product Description

The GS-900 Calibrated Densitometer is designed to reproducibly image gels, blots, and film and quantitate proteins across a wide dynamic range. The GS-900 Densitometry System uses transmissive and reflective imaging to scan chromogenic samples at the optimal detection wavelength. The three-color red, green, and blue CCD imaging technology enables accurate, reproducible quantitation with a wide variety of common stains.

Imaging of diverse samples on 1-D and 2-D gels, colorimetric dot and slot blots, film-based chemiluminescent blots, and autoradiograms

Protein quantitation for Coomassie Blue- and silver-stained gels over a wide dynamic range of 0?3.4 OD

Scanning large gels - oversized 29 ? 33 cm imaging area

Rapid image acquisition and analysis with intuitive, user-friendly Image Lab™ Software


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