Trans-Blot® Cell

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  • Trans-Blot® Cell
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  • Catalog No.: 1703939/1703853/1703946/1703850/1703825

Product Description

The Trans-Blot® transfer cell is a versatile apparatus ideal for a wide variety of blotting applications.

Multiple transfers accommodate up to 3 PROTEAN® II xi gels, 6 Criterion™ gels, or 12 Mini-PROTEAN® handcast or precast gels

Flexible parameters with variable power settings provide from 30 V for overnight transfers to 200 V for rapid 1 hr experiments

Electrodes can be positioned 8 cm apart for standard blots or 4 cm apart for high-intensity blots

Temperature regulation with the super-cooling coil and a water recirculator is ideal for native enzyme (4°C) high-intensity transfers and extended transfers (up to 24 hr) without buffer depletion

Hinged gel holder cassette clamping system eliminates slipping and ensures tight contact between membrane and gel

Color-coded cassettes ensure proper orientation in the cell

Applications: Western Blotting, Nucleic Acid Transfer


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