Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module

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  • Comparative Proteomics Kit I: Protein Profiler Module
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The Comparative Proteomics I Kit: Protein Profiler Module guides students through the thought processes involved in a laboratory-based scientific investigation. Students make predictions about their results in pre-lab activities using Internet databases and published phylogenetic information. They then employ protein electrophoresis, the most widely used technique in life science research, to study protein structure and function, generating protein profiles from the muscles of both distantly and closely related species of fish. From their results, they compare the different species' profiles, construct cladograms (phylogenetic trees), and assign each organism a branch. Students can decide whether their results support their predictions.

Explore evolution

Study protein structure/function

Apply protein electrophoresis

Construct cladograms

Complete in three 45 minute lab sessions


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