Gene Pulser Xcell™ Total System

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  • Gene Pulser Xcell™ Total System
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The Gene Pulser Xcell total system is the complete electroporation system for transfection of both eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells. The Gene Pulser Xcell total electroporation system includes the main unit, the capacitance extender, or CE, the pulse controller, or PC module, ShockPod™ cuvette chamber, 15 sterile electroporation cuvettes (5 each of 0.1, 0.2, and 0.4 cm electrode gap), and cuvette rack.

Universal electroporator capable of transfecting all cell types Compatible with any electroporation buffer, including Bio-Rad's Gene Pulser® electroporation buffer Preset protocols for most popular mammalian and bacterial cell types Flexible manual programming

The Gene Pulser Xcell™ system is a modular electroporation system for transfecting every cell type. The system includes a main unit, a ShockPod™ cuvette chamber, and your choice of accessory modules: the capacitance extender (CE module) and the pulse controller (PC module)

Universal electroporation - transfects all cell types, from primary and stem cells to bacteria and yeast Preset protocols - include the most common mammalian and bacterial cell types Flexibility - choice of programs for preset protocols, optimization protocols, manual operation, and/or user protocols Protocol library - collection of electroporation protocols for every cell type including primary, immortal, and bacterial cells Data management - enables storage and recall of parameters used in the previous 100 experiments, useful for troubleshooting Reproducibility - uses PulseTrac™ circuitry and arc-protection features to ensure reproducibility and sample protection


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