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  • IH-500
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  • Catalog No.: 1500

Product Description

IH-500 is a highly innovative instrument setting new standards immunohematology testing.

IH-500 combines functionality and design to satisfy the changing needs of a modern immunohematology laboratory.

Designed as a compact bench-top system to fit in any laboratory environment, IH-500 requires minimal workspace whilst providing maximum workflow optimization.

In combination with the optional stand-alone table, IH-500 becomes a stand-alone system - ultimate flexibility for the modern laboratory environment.

Test Methods -Blood grouping ABO/D, Phenotyping Rh/K, Antibody Screening, Direct AHG test (DAT), Antibody Titration,Reverse grouping, Crossmatching, Antibody Identification, Single antigen testing

Capacity -50 samples, 34 liquid reagent vials, 170 ID-Cards, 4 ID-diluents

Dimension -Width 115cm, Height 98cm, Depth 85cm, Weight 213kg, Minimal installation depth 60cm

Electrical Data - Voltage 100-120 V/230 VAC, Frequency 50/60 Hz, Power Consumption 1,550 VA


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