ZE5™ Cell Analyzer

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  • ZE5™ Cell Analyzer
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Product Description

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is the first flow cytometer with a fully integrated and flexible loader that can accommodate any sample, tube, or rack, complete with temperature control and vortexing. The sample delivery system allows maximized sample usage efficiency by returning unused sample to a well or tube. The ZE5 has unparalleled speed that can detect up to 100,000 events per second with no aborts. The ZE5 offers high parameter capabilities with up to 30 parameters, 5 lasers, and dual FSC options that allow for small particle detection.

Up to five spatially separated lasers ranging from 355 nm to 640 nm

Up to 27 fluorescence detectors

Dual forward scatter design allows standard FSC detection while simultaneously collecting small particle or alternate wavelength scatter data

Up to 100,000 events per second reduces analysis time for rare cell detection

Up to 384 well plates for high-throughput capacity

Single tube loading for stat samples

Temperature-controlled sample loading for sensitive samples

Sample agitation on board to keep cells in suspension


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