D-10™ Reagents

Product Information

  • D-10™ Reagents
  • Brand: BIO-RAD
  • Catalog No.: 12000949

Product Description

With the D-10 Hemoglobin A1c Program Reorder Pack, direct measurement of HbA1c using Ion-exchange HPLC without interference from HbS, HbC, HbD and HbE heterozygotes.

HbF is also detectable and there's no interference with results at normal levels and up to 10%.

Each Reorder pack is consist of an Analytical cartidge which is contains the 400 hbA1c tests.

The Reorder pack includes reagents and consummables such as Buffers 1, Buffer 2, Wash Diluent solution, Whole blood primers, Calibrators, Thermal paper and Sample vials which is necessary for the completion of 400 HbA1c tests.


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