Mini-Sub Cell GT System

The redesigned Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell offers updated features that make electrophoresis even easier. The Mini-Sub Cell GT Cell can resolve up to 30 samples; its short, narrow format allows 7 and 10 cm runs with speed, simplicity, and economy.

Bio-Rad's mini cells resolve EcoRI or HindIII digests of lambda DNA in only 1.5 hours at 60 V. Small DNA fragments can be separated in as little as 15 minutes at 150 V.

All mini cells accommodate ReadyAgarose Precast Gels to save time and allow highly reproducible separations, and include a buffer tank, a safety lid with cables, and a leveling bubble. System configurations that include additional accessories are also available (see the Mini-Sub Cell GT Complete Systems Selection Guide for more details).


  1. QuickSnap* electrodes are easy to remove, simplifying cleaning
  2. Arrow on the side of the base indicates the direction of the run and ensures proper orientation of the gel
  3. Color-coded, labeled electrodes and labeled base guarantee correct positioning of the lid on the base
  4. Tabs on the base permit easy removal of the lid, reducing buffer spillage, and also prevent incorrect lid positioning
  5. Reverse-compatible design allows the cells to be used with components from older models
  6. Clear plastic construction for easy sample visualization
  7. UV-transparent gel trays with fluorescent ruler**
  8. Gel-casting gates to cast your own gels right in the cell, or optional caster for tape-free casting**
  9. Combs to fit every need (fixed-height drop-in combs, adjustable-height combs, and preparative combs)**

*Patent pending

**Purchase separately for ReadySub-Cell GT systems


Mini-Sub Cell GT System
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