Today’s Laboratories Face Many Challenges…

Increased workload, volume fluctuations, staffing priorities, safety requirements and efficiency drives are components of today’s testing laboratories. The EVOLIS system delivers a new level of immunoassay microplate productivity to meet the challenge.

  1. EVOLIS system microplate automation provides the complete solution.
  2. EVOLIS system is a pipettor, incubator, washer, reader, and data management system for EIA microplate assays.
  3. Thanks to the independence between pipetting and microplate movements, up to seven microplates are processed simultaneously without conflict throughput is maximized.
  4. EVOLIS system streamlines workflow for low-to-high volumes and optimizes productivity using a scheduler to simplify instrument operation.

Product Information
  • Category : Serology
  • Catalog No.: 89818B
  • Brand: BIO-RAD
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